3rd place at the Dutch Beauty Award

We are happy to have won 3rd place at the Dutch Beauty Award with the Dermal ProBalance Cream.

1. The special feature of Dermal ProBalance

The Dermal ProBalance Cream from the Medical Beauty Series ARCELMED is a novel skin care cream with a pre- and probiotic active ingredient complex. Irritations as well as redness are soothed and the balance of the micro flora is restored. The delicate care cream also strengthens the skin’s natural protective barrier against environmental influences. The high-molecular hyaluronic acid helps to slow down premature skin aging.

What is the Dutch Beauty Award?

The Dutch Beauty Award is a beauty award in the Netherlands. The award is presented in 25 different categories, such as the Best, Most Beautiful and Original Cosmetic Products of the Year 2020.

JEAN D’ARCEL was represented in the category “Best professional product” with the ARCEL MED Dermal ProBalance cream.