After holiday glow in autumn

The summer is slowly coming to an end – unfortunately this also means the sunny warm days. All we have left is sun-kissed skin as our last vacation memory. That does not have to be like this!

We have summarized a few tips for a long-lasting summer tan that lasts into the fall:

1. Intensive moisture

The right care is essential for soft, caressing skin. Therefore, give your skin intensive moisture for face and body even after the long days of sunshine, to take care of the skin from the chlorine content in pools and the sun.

lait corporel nourissant

2. Make up essentials

Of course the tan should not only be maintained on the body, but also on the face. In order to protect the skin from the last rays of the sun even in autumn, we still recommend using the sun powder poudre protection solaire with sun protection factor 50.

sun protection powder Puder mit Sonnenschutz

3. Regular peeling

Tip for a fading tan: For an even skin tone it is recommended to peel the skin. This gives you a uniform skin tone and silky soft skin.

4. Sun protection in September

The last warmer days of September sometimes have it in themselves. Even if we don’t feel the sun is so strong, we should still use sun protection in T-shirt weather. We recommend the mousse solaire SPF 30, fluide solaire SPF 50 or our add-on products Dermal Add-On Fluide from ARCEL MED and the crème solaire protectrice SPF 30.

solaire 2018

With this After Holiday Skin routine, your skin will not only remain a beautiful memory of the summer, but will also keep the summer glow into the fall.