Beauty booster for the skin: New power active ingredient cures

Hello Spring! Especially after a cold and rainy winter, the skin is dry and stressed and therefore needs the appropriate care. With the new power active ingredient cures you bring the skin back to radiance.

Energy and vitality for the skin:
14-day active ingredient cure VITA LIFT effect.

The ampoule and care cure VITA LIFT effect Treatment awakens the skin’s vitality in just 14 days to start the spring with a visibly younger and firmer-looking complexion.

The active ingredient concentrates and a 24h care emulsion provide perfect hydration, optimize the hydro balance, support collagen production, strengthen the skin barrier and improve elasticity and tone.

Anti-aging instant effect:
8-day active ingredient cure Hydro & Effect

The new Hydro & Effect ampoule set focuses on an 8-day plan based on hyaluronic acid and anti-aging power concentrates. Pure moisture plumps up sallow, dry and tired skin so that it appears even and smoothed.

The spring treatment of ampoules and an anti-wrinkle emulsion combines optimal hydration with an improvement of the skin’s own hyaluronic acid production.