bi-phase lift up concentrate beauty rituals

A quick beauty ritual for perfect skin. bi-phase lift up concentartes.

The innovative JEAN D’ARCEL bi-phase ampoules combine effective cosmetic high-tech active ingredients with the care of valuable natural oils. A quick shake ensures the carefully balanced phases spontaneously mix into micro-fine, lipid-containing fluids with concentrated power effects. The light formulas* absorb quickly and can therefore instantly develop their cosmetic power in the deeper layers of the epidermis.

* All formulas do not contain emulsifiers or any parabens, mineral oils, PEGs or silicones.



rose sublime

concentré biphase énergie globale Luxurious concentrate with exclusive plant stem cells from the Damask rose. They help slow down the cells’ energy-dependent aging process and offer protection against oxidative stress1.




concentré biphase dermo tenseur Acts like a protective shield for the skin and helps liberate cells from damaging influences. The R4 detox complex supports cell supply and renewal1. “Botox®-like” active ingredients relax the facial features and contribute to visibly reducing lines2.




concentré biphase radiance cellulaire

Iris isoflavones protect collagen and elastin fibers from free radicals1 and therefore help rebuild the skin’s tone. The concentrate gives tired, dull skin new radiance2. The texture of the skin’s surface looks better and skin tone is improved.


1 Active ingredient evidence in vitro

2 Active ingredient evidence in vivo