Dieses Jahr bekommen die Pflegeprodukte créme vita fine aus der Serie prestige und das sérum hyaluronique aus der Serie renovar eigene Minis to Go.
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Am 13. Mai ist Vatertag!

Am 13. Mai ist Vatertag und an der Zeit, Ihrem Papa, den Vätern und Großvätern Ihrer Kinder Danke zu sagen. Wie wäre es mit einem Produkt aus der Herren-Linie homme? Wir haben einige Geschenkideen für Sie zusammengestellt.
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le rituel des super fruits

The new summer treatment

New energy for sallow and dry skin

The new treatment le rituel des super fruits – which means superfood ritual in German – is literally the purest power food for the skin, garnished with a fruity fragrance cocktail for the senses that immediately puts you in the summer mood.
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May 09 is Mother’s Day!

They are role model, mentor, best friend, crisis manager, power woman, caregiver, confidante, superhero – quite a few jobs for a single woman and actually reason enough to celebrate them every day: mothers!
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Optimal moisturizing for thirsty skin

The key to long-term moisture balance and vital, radiant skin!

An intact skin barrier ensures that the moisture introduced also remains in the skin and protects against the negative external influences that promote moisture loss. To prevent the skin from reacting temporarily or permanently with tension and redness, it must be optimally supplied with moisture. The new products in the hydratante line are ideal for this, because they not only provide the urgently needed moisture, but also strengthen the skin barrier.

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Salut Soleil

JEAN D’ARCEL Spring/Summer 2021 Make-up Edition

Here comes the sun: “Salut Soleil” translates as “Hello Sun” – and that’s exactly what the make-up collection of the same name conjures up on our faces this spring! From delicate morning blush to the radiant golden yellow of the midday sun to the warm orange tones of the sunset, it’s all here. The entire color palette of a perfect summer day, captured in Blush, Eye Shadow, Lipstick and Co.
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