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cream of the year: luxery skin care

Perfect 24h luxury care for well-defined, firm facial contours
The limited edition of the cream of the year 2018 combines a feeling of complete luxury with a firming effect for clearly defi ned facial contours. The elegant special edition impresses as soon as you apply it for the fi rst  time: a magical feeling on the skin and perfect effect.

The fragrance is inspired by woody, powdery notes with  a hint of amber. Fruity quince aromas play just as much a part as white fl owers and spices such as sandalwood, vanilla and musk. The aesthetic fragrance contributes to the value of this special cream collection.

The fascinating benefi ts of the cream of the year 2018 are based on immortelle extract, which has not been used in the JEAN D’ARCEL formulas so far. It is so powerful and innovative that it is responsible for crème source de beauté’s special effect and perfect aesthetics.

The immortelle is a flower from challenging climatic coastal areas, which is distinguished by its exceptionally
long life: it does not wither, even after it has been plucked. Rich in active molecules, the concentrated effect  of the “immortal” immortelle fl ower that never withers is revealed in unique anti-aging properties.

In a luxurious cream for perfectly cared for skin it is dedicated to changing skin: from a certain age, skin has to battle with more and more diffi cult challenges. It loses its elasticity and energy, its tone decreases and skin cells get tired. New youthfulness is called for and this is your customers’ focus. Who would not want an immaculate complexion with less wrinkles and defi ned contours? A cream that is like “turning back the clock”
and leaves skin feeling wonderful. Deeply moisturized, soft and smooth.