Cure amphisome lifting

The new ampoule and skin care treatment with an 8-day care plan makes the skin look beautifully taut and smoothed. It combines the immediate effect with a lasting moisturizing lift to effectively improve the skin’s strength, structure and radiance. Wrinkles are padded so that the complexion shines in a flawless, supple look.

8-day ampoule treatment + gel amphisome power concentrate

An intensive treatment is particularly important in spring to counteract the stress of winter.
Poor hydration has to be compensated to quickly and effectively improve the skin’s smoothness, texture and radiance. This new treatment combines improving the skin’s elasticity with intensive hydration and effective anti-wrinkle action. A perfect 8-day intensive treatment that helps plump up lines and leaves the complexion looking flawless, smooth and radiant.

concentré d’aphrodite:
The goddess of beauty had an impressive even, relaxed complexion.
Today it’s Botox®-like active ingredients, high and low-molecular hyaluronic acid, which can visibly correct wrinkles in no time at all. This high-quality skin care concentrate boosts collagen synthesis and helps improve hydration and intensively smooth the skin’s surface.

concentré fraîcheur lissante:
Intensive moisture can have a lifting effect when powerful active ingredients like hyaluronic acid and marine algae extracts are combined. It helps support collagen fi bers’ fi rming effect, plumps up lines and smooths the complexion. More of the supplied moisture is retained in the skin thanks to the valuable silk proteins that soften skin.

gel amphisome:
For a firmer, more radiant complexion. This exclusive anti-wrinkle serum’s fine liposomal encapsulated cocktail of active ingredients tackles wrinkles at their roots. Parallel to this, it also activates the skin’s own immune system and its vital functions. Another plus point is the light, non-greasy gel texture. Improving the complexion’s appearance could not be any more pleasant!

Day 1/3/5/7: concentré d’aphrodite
Day 2/4/6/8: concentré fraîcheur lissante
Day 1 – 8: renovar gel amphisome