vénusté is an effective care concept inspired by nature.

Effective figure care with plant extracts

For a new, charismatic awareness of the body!

Venus, the most beautiful of all goddesses, is the spiritual role model for the new JEAN D’ARCEL vénusté figure care.

Our body deserves equally as much attention as our face! Attractive contours, harmonious lines, lightness and well-being are what all of us strive to achieve. We should therefore care for, pamper and keep our body in “form” each and every day.

vénusté is tailored body contour care with high application comfort which leaves our skin looking younger and combines wellness with efficiency. The care rituals are accompanied by a harmonious fragrance composition – elegant and full of sensuous gentleness. An experience for the skin and senses!

vénusté combines luxury, exclusiveness and effectiveness for a positive body Image.

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