Forehead wrinkles and what you can do against it

Who does not dream of a taut and wrinkle-free forehead? We tell you how these nasty wrinkles develop and what you can do about it.

Reasons for the unloved forehead wrinkles.

Severe lack of moisture; this causes small wrinkles to form all over the forehead.
Facial expression lines; these are genetically determined, i.e. caused by muscle movements that occur involuntarily. The genetics consists in the arrangement, or effect of the wrinkles. They can appear steeply vertical or transverse on the forehead. The so-called frown line, which often occurs during reflection, concentration or a negative emotion, is usually one – more rarely two – vertical lines between the eyebrows. Transverse forehead wrinkles occur when the eyebrows are raised.

Before you choose the path to a Beauty Doc, you should first find out which treatment would be optimal for your own smooth forehead. Because it is not absolutely necessary to have Botox injected. There are also numerous other possibilities to cosmetically reduce wrinkles or prevent their formation.

Special anti-aging products such as the gel amphisome from the renovar® line help to combat these wrinkles thanks to Botox-like active ingredients. The products of the MIRATENSE line, which contain Botox-like active ingredients in serum, day and night cream as well as in eye cream, also help. The active ingredients also support the skin’s own collagen and elastin synthesis and thus contribute to improving the skin’s elasticity.

If the wrinkles are already deeper, they must be filled in from the depths. As the word “fill up” already says, the skin must be enriched from within with a filler, usually hyaluron. The products sérum hyaluronique and gel amphisome from the renovar® line are ideal for this and can be used daily. The effect can be supported by a needling treatment with a cosmetician with a 3-fold hyaluron concentrate or a 5-fold hyaluron needling gel. Wrinkles are locally filled in at the problem areas and at the same time the new formation of collagen is stimulated.

TIP: To combat drooping eyelids, there are products such as the expert beauté serum sorbet no.3 or the eye cream from the line rose sublime crème yeux précieuse, which have a very effective active ingredient against drooping eyelids. The great advantage is the double effect: it tightens the drooping eyelids and prevents the eyebrows from lifting. This stops the formation of forehead wrinkles and in case of already existing wrinkles, the deterioration can be prevented. Supported by treatments at the cosmetician’s with cold plasma or radiofrequency, visible successes can be seen here completely without surgery.

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What else you can do for a wrinkle-free forehead:

Avoid the sun, or never leave the house without sunglasses
Drink a lot, prevents moisture loss and wrinkles in general
Avoid stress
Massage the forehead while applying the cream in order to loosen the muscle tensions