Skin care in autumn

Skin care in autumn

The air gets fresher in autumn & it begins to get colder outside. If sebaceous glands produce less protective fat, skin gets less supplied with blood and receives less nutrients – deficits of the skin can result.

Time to get the right skin care to balance those deficits of the skin. Dry heating air leads to even more suffering of the skin. People who already have dry skin can feel these side effects clearly:  undesired tightening, redness or itching.

But especially mature skin suffers from the change of seasons, because moisture is stored less sufficiently and sebaceous glands produce less protective fat. Furthermore the skin gets thinner and more sensitive while aging. It is therefore even more important to use a professional cosmetics that are matched to one’s individual skin type.

Get a professional consultation from a skin care professional!

Additional tip: Drink a lot of water – that balances the inner moisture balance.