pumpkin seed extract

pumpkin seed extract: a great active ingredient

Pumpkin seed extract

Autumn is here and so are the pumpkins – they can be seen everywhere, either as decoration or as delicacy on our plates. But pumpkins and especially their seeds are a lot more than this – they support the beauty of our skin!Pumpkin seed extract – a natural ingredient with great beauty properties for our skin!

The extract is taken from pumpkin seeds and has a natural matting effect without dehydrating the skin. Additionally the extract provides moisture and has a clearing effect on the skin. The pumpkin seed extract i soften used in products for oily skin, mixed condition skin and neckline care.

JEAN D’ARCEL knows these care properties and uses the extract i.e. in the crème sebo calance (24h clearing cream), a cream for impure skin. This cream is perfectly suitable to counteract the increase of acne causing propioni bacterias.The flow of sebum and the oily shine of skin are decreasing and the development of blackheads is visibly reduced.

Consult a skin care expert and let yourself be convinced!