le rituel des super fruits

The new summer treatment

New energy for sallow and dry skin

The new treatment le rituel des super fruits – which means superfood ritual in German – is literally the purest power food for the skin, garnished with a fruity fragrance cocktail for the senses that immediately puts you in the summer mood.

Through the lifting treatment with highly potent active ingredients from various superfoods such as goji berry, prickly pear, papaya, apple and pomegranate, the skin is abundantly supplied with moisture.

Moisture boost and lifting

The focus of the treatment is on an intensive, vitalizing moisture boost, combined with the cell-protecting effect of highly potent antioxidants. The latter are able to neutralize free radicals, which damage the skin cells in many ways and are largely responsible for premature skin aging. Since UV radiation contributes massively to the formation of free radicals, antioxidants are essential, especially in summer. This makes “le rituel des super fruits” on the one hand a cell-protecting preventive treatment before the skin is exposed to increased sunlight, and on the other hand an ideal after-treatment that combats any sun damage that may have occurred and replenishes the skin’s moisture stores.

That’s what your skin gets!

The new summer treatment moisturizes your skin. The intensive moisturizing of the skin offers visible results to refine the appearance of the skin.
Through the various superfoods in the care products, the new seasonal treatment gets your skin going! It provides the absolute freshness kick and a special summer feeling.