May 09 is Mother’s Day!

They are role model, mentor, best friend, crisis manager, power woman, caregiver, confidante, superhero – quite a few jobs for a single woman and actually reason enough to celebrate them every day: mothers!

JEAN D’ARCEL celebrates Mother’s Day

If the children are younger, mothers in the current situation often have to step in as teacher, sole entertainer and comforter on top of everything else. If the children are adults, they probably can’t visit their mothers as carefree as usual because of Corona. Either way, this year for Mother’s Day on May 9, all mothers deserve more special attention than ever: a luxury moment that belongs only to them.
That’s why JEAN D’ARCEL is launching a Mother’s Day edition for the first time: two different, limited-edition gift sets consisting of various ampoules and a cream, packaged in a silver cosmetic bag. Hyaluronic acid, vitamins and anti-aging active ingredients conjure up freshness, glow and a smile on your face!

Muttertags-Set LIGHT

Muttertags-Set LIGHT

Both sets contain six coordinated ampoules with highly concentrated power active ingredients:

2 x concentré biphase énergie globale: oily 2-phase ampoule with valuable Pflanzenstammzellen from the Damascene rose.
1 x concentré cocktail de vitamines: Vitamin ampoule with beauty vitamins A, C, E, F and H, which boost collagen production, have an antioxidant effect and provide a vital glow.
1 x concentré energie liftant: Lifting ampoule that smoothes and relaxes wrinkles and makes the skin look toned and regenerated
1 x concentré fraîcheur lissante: Moisturizing ampoule with Thai ginger and hyaluronic acid for a smoother and plumper complexion
1 x concentré collagène: Active ingredient ampoule with intensive anti-aging effect based on peptides

In addition, each set contains a pflegende cream: The Mother’s Day gift set LIGHT contains caviar crème de jour (20 ml), which with caviar extract and sea spring water helps to strengthen the skin, soften wrinkles and prevent premature aging.
The Mother’s Day gift set RICH contains ARCELMED Dermal ProBalance Cream (30 ml), a slightly richer but still delicate pflege cream with pre- and probiotic active complex. It supports the natural balance of the skin and strengthens its protective barrier.

Muttertags-Set LIGHT

Muttertags-Set RICH