multibalance – Anti-aging skin care system

Premiere of a classic

Modernization of the formulations and a new fragrance for the multiple award-winning series

The classic that is multibalance continues to combine outstanding formulations with modern, highquality active substances and clearly visible care success. Over the years, we have undertaken, or had to undertake, minor adjustments from time to time, have introduced new products, and replaced individual
active substances with even better, modern variants.

Effective anti-aging care products

Gentle cleansing

gel démaquillant confort
This foaming cleansing gel is aimed at maximum tolerability. While achieving this, it cleanses very comfortably and removes all make-up, including intensive eye make-up, thoroughly and quickly. Its care advantages include the fact that it hydrates the complexion and ensures new suppleness. In each case, the result is clear and supple skin that appears perfectly cleansed.

lotion rafraîchissante
The refreshing facial tonic without alcohol succeeds effortlessly in supplying the skin with moisture. The evening primrose extract is particularly responsible for outstanding moisturization. When the lotion is applied daily, its effect leaves the skin feeling wonderfully soft. The complexion’s ability to absorb subsequent active care substances is improved thanks to this cleansing step. As a result, it feels fresh and recuperated.

Highly-effective facial care

crème lifting confort
The task of this 24h care system is to signifi cantly improve the skin’s resilience and elasticity. The very rich, highly-effective anti-aging care is ideal for this: it contains isofl avones from iris roots that supply the skin with
essential, vital substances. Its skin-stimulating active substances help to stimulate collagen and elastin production, and to make the skin tissue fi rmer in the long term.

crème hydro anti-âge
This intensive 24h moisture care is aimed at achieving an immediate effect: the cream leaves the skin looking younger, more radiant, and even after the very fi rst application. Iris isofl avones tighten the supporting tissue
and stimulate cell renewal – supported by regenerating artemia plankton extract and a combination of several moisturizers such as Pheohydrane
® and Pentavitin®. Thanks to its moisturizing effect, the cream is also an ideal foundation for make-up.

crème riche anti-âge
This particularly rich, intensive 24h care is particularly suitable for the care of very dry, more mature skin. The formulation offers a high content of high-quality natural oils and lipid components such as macadamia nut oil
and cupuaçu butter. At the same time, it combines three moisture factors such as hyaluronic acid, Pheohydrane
® and Pentavitin®. Iris isofl avones stimulate collagen and elastin production, and build up the skin’s hydrolipidic barrier again. The skin profi le is left looking firmer again, the contours appear lifted, and fi ne lines are signifi cantly reduced thanks to the “padding” effect.


For the soft eye area

crème satin des yeux
zarte Augenpartie AugenpflegeThis revitalizing, lifting cream for reviving the eye
area unfolds its deep-acting effect by reducing the
visible signs of time. The rich formula hugs and
caresses the soft skin around the eyes, where it acts
intensively to combat wrinkles and loss of elasticity
and moisture. A visibly younger appearance can help
the skin take on a new feel.

soin liftant éclat yeux
This comfortable gel cream with bio-fl avonoids is
characterized by its extraordinary anti-wrinkle power. The product’s quality is revealed by its effi cient
effect, although the texture is regarded as pleasantly ultra-light. It is absorbed in a matter of seconds, because it has been developed specifi cally for
the sensitive eye area. It specifi cally helps to reduce
puffi ness and rings around the eyes. Thanks to highly-effective antioxidants and moisturizers, it revives
the eye area with visible effect, and acts vigorously to combat wrinkles. The cooling applicator proves
especially practical for daily application.