Anti-Ox Power Treatment

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With the first warm days, the skin needs new energy and plenty of moisture to make up for the deficits of the long winter months. With a little preparation, the first outdoor appearance becomes a complete success: Ampoule treatments bring the skin to fruition! Because active ingredient concentrates work in a short time and have clear goals!

 Anti-ox power treatment with protection-effect

The ideal beauty treatment for a fresh spring, youthful glow! It helps protect skin against negative environmental influences. Besides this protective effect (Anti-Ox), it supplies skin with important vitamins.
When the skin is ideally protected against stress factors, the cocktail of vitamins can effectively take effect: helps strengthen collagen fibers, neutralize free radicals and stimulate cell renewal.

ampullen promo anti-ox

source marine – 1st/2nd/10th day: Active ingredients embedded in valuable marine spring water supply skin with minerals, trace elements and intensive hydration. The epidermis’ natural functions and regeneration processes are permanently supported.

concentré cocktail de vitamines – 3rd/4th/11th day: Intensive treatment with the beauty vitamins A, kombuchka (B-complex), C, E, F and H (biotin) for perfectly moisturized skin. The vitamins help build up the collagen fi bers, protect against oxidative stress and make dull, tired looking skin appear revitalized again. Vital functions may be reactivated and a loss of elasticity may be rectifi ed thanks to this energy boost.

concentré anti-ox – 5./6./7./12./13. day: Protects against environmental infl uences and premature aging. This concentrate of active ingredients acts like a protective barrier that minimizes the harmful effects of air pollutants and UV rays. Skin is also protected against the negative consequences of aggressive environmental grime, a peach bush extract strengthens its barrier properties and helps improve its visual appearance: so it looks refreshed, youthful and beautiful.

concentré protection anti-âge – 8th/9th/14th day: Concentrate of active ingredients to improve the skin’s protective function. Smooths the complexion thanks to a hydrating fi lm, evens out dryness lines and prevents more moisture loss. It may stimulate synthesis between important lipids and proteins and the resulting strengthening of the skin’s barrier function.

gel-masque cocktail de vitamines – 7th/14th day: Vitamin gel mask with a valuable cocktail of the most important skin protecting vitamins A, B, C, E and biotin to revive tired, stressed skin. It supports the skin’s barrier function so the mask also has a long-lasting effect. The relaxing fragrance with the magic of the South Seas island of Tahiti pampers the senses while the mask takes effect.