new anti-cellulite treatment

Many women suffer from these visually disturbing areas of unevenness in the problem zones. This socalled orange peel effect often goes hand-in-hand with fatty deposits and loss of resilience. The biggest weak points are usually the thighs, hips, abdomen, and bottom. Weight changes and hormonal transitions that influence the adipose tissue in the subcutis – usually due to genetic reasons – are
some of the possible causes of the silhouette’s loss of contour.

A treatment with products that have both a lifting and a skin-detoxifying effect is needed to get the cellulite under control better and return to a modeled body contour. Formulae enriched with natural contents specifcally and effectively combat each type of cellulite by strengthening the skin’s natural structure, improving its elasticity, and helping to prevent loss of frmness. The objective is a frming effect to improve the body’s appearance.

New treatment at the beautician

méthode d’action cellulite is a new anti-cellulite treatment that ensures an effective improvement. It hydrates and restructures the skin, and lends it suppleness and youthful radiance. In combination with the massage effect, the active substances in a highly concentrated formulation lead to a reduction in the visible signs of cellulite. The result is better defned problem zones and an attractive, harmonious appearance.

And for the care at home?

huile contour corpsFor home care, we recommend in addition to a balanced and healthy diet and sufficient water our body oil huile contour corps of vénusté. The fine care oil with valuable vegetable oils improves the skin elasticity and works thanks to a combination of active ingredients against loss of tension. It helps to fight stretch marks and small pads. The care oil makes the skin smooth and silky soft.
Tip: The body oil also helps to prevent stretch marks.