Optimal moisturizing for thirsty skin

The key to long-term moisture balance and vital, radiant skin!

An intact skin barrier ensures that the moisture introduced also remains in the skin and protects against the negative external influences that promote moisture loss. To prevent the skin from reacting temporarily or permanently with tension and redness, it must be optimally supplied with moisture. The new products in the hydratante line are ideal for this, because they not only provide the urgently needed moisture, but also strengthen the skin barrier.

Perfect thirst quenchers – the heroes of the new hydratante effective system:

Rambutan – This Asian superfruit, related to the lychee, contains plenty of antioxidants, vitamin C and iron. An extract obtained from its peel helps build the skin barrier for measurably better moisturized, smoother skin.

Hyaluronic acid – The classic among the moisture boosters can bind many times its own mass of water, which means it is stored better and longer in the skin. The bound moisture also plumps up the skin from the inside and provides a plumper complexion. High-dose, high- and low-molecular hyaluronic acid is used in the hydratante products.

Aloe vera – The plant native to subtropical and tropical regions provides not only
moisture, but also over 50 biologically active elements such as proteins, minerals, vitamins and enzymes. In addition to the hydrating effect, its extract is especially known for its skin-soothing, anti-inflammatory and regenerating properties.

The advantages of the new active system:

Effective, tangible and visible moisture retention on the skin to

  • Balance feelings of tension and increase elasticity
  • provide volume from within (3D effect)
  • smooth flaky areas and bring the natural exfoliation into a natural cycle
  • effectively reduce the tendency to redness and pustules
  • smooth wrinkles
  • achieve a plumper, at the same time refined and even skin texture
  • make the skin look radiant and fresh

The new hydratante products are: