Perfect radiance

For a visibly smoothed and youthful looking complexion. JEAN D´ARCEL care products tighten and revitalize. The skin is padded and provides an optimal moisture. Lines and wrinkles are reduced. Das caviar sérum collagène ist ein seidiges Anti-Falten Serum mit Collagen-Booster. Die Haut wird aufgepolstert und erhält eine optimale Feuchtigkeitsversorgung. Linien und Fältchen werden reduziert.

JEAN D’Arcel caviar sérum collagène is a silky booster which counteracts the loss of elasticity of the skin. Collagen production is activated, lines and wrinkles disappear. The skin is optimally moisturized. sérum collagène

The silky anti-wrinkle emulsion by JEAN D’ARCEL is as soft as a cream and powerful as a concentrate. The multibalance émulsion lifting immédiat provides a firmer, clear, well-moisturised skin and refines the pores optic. The tightening pulse starts after 15 min. The skin shines more evenly and smoothly.
TIP: For a more intense toning effect, it is not necessary to use a cream. Apply the make up simply with a brush or sponge. It extends the durability of the make-up.  émulsion lifting immédiat