cure hydro intense

cure hydro intense

pure moisture effect

7 Concentrates of active ingredients with silk and Hyaluron for a special skin feeling

cure hydro soie (3 x 2 ml)
Concentrate of active agents especially for the dry Skin for intense moisture supply. Precious silk proteins supply the skin with rich moisture, because they have the ability to retain and bind the skin’s own moisture and the supplied moisture. The effect on the skin is visible as a tender, soft appearance.

cure hydro délice (4 x 2 ml)
Concentrate of active agents for the dry skin for intense, long-lasting moisture supply. A balanced combination of ultra-modern moisturizers regenerates the skin’s barrier function, retains water and therefore provides for a plumper appearance with a 3-D effect. The cells are optimally nurtured and respond with a healthy, supple complexion full of elasticity.

Active ingredients: Silk Proteins, hyaluronic acid, Pentavitin®, Hyalufix™, hyaluronic acid, betaine, Hydrolite™