la crème deluxe

24h anti-aging cream

Luxurious 24-hour supply of moisture.

The luxurious 24-hour moisturiser incorporates innovative technology, which counteracts ageing of the skin like a fountain of youth. The Botox®-like R4-detox-complex protects the skin from damage created by free radicals and the mimic muscles are relaxed at the same time. The skin is invigorated and provided with the optimal level of moisture. At night it supports the skin’s natural regeneration process – for a fresh, radiant look in the morning.


Active ingredients: Pro-Sirt 1, R4-Detox-Complex, hydrosystem Aquaxyl™, hyaluronic acid, rosemary extract, collagen booster, sea chamomile extract, vitamin E, UVA + UVB filter, macadamia nut oil