sensitive range


Effective anti-stress skin care with neuropeptides

Sensitive skin is unforgiving
It responds quickly to environmental influences and weather factors with irritations and redness. UV radiation and air-conditioned rooms contribute to the skin’s natural barrier function decreasing more so it becomes dry, feels tight, is itchy and peels. The wrong skin care can also irritate it.
Stress slows down skin regeneration and overrides defense mechanisms. The important protective barrier  becomes more porous, skin continues losing moisture.
The products for sensitive and hypersensitive skin are based on innovative active ingredients
from modern cosmetics research which focus on calming and protecting skin.

Treat sensitive skin carefully
They do without everything that stresses your skin unnecessarily or might irritate it. Besides highly effective anti-stress neuropeptides, they exclusively contain select mild, ultra-pure active ingredients, and do not contain any perfumes, mineral oil based raw materials, silicone, PEGs or parabens.