eye brow kit & gel

eyebrow kit & eyebrow gel

With its special eye brow products JEAN D’ARCEL makes a fast and uncomplicated care possible. Eye brows can be styled according to face types. A clean and correct appearance of eyebrows gives the face and its form more Impression.

The new JEAN D’ARCEL eyebrow kit

The new eyebrow kit with a practical step-by-step instruction helps even beginners to create the appropiate look – eyes will shine. The kit contains light and dark brown eyebrow powder, which can be mused/mixed according to needs. Included are also a transparent eyebrow wax to control stubborn hairs as well as a shimmery, rose highlighter powder.

The perfect  final care

After shading the eyebroes into their perfect form – either with the new set or the classical way with a eye brow pencil – it is very handy to alternativel use the coloured eyebrow gel for compact and fixed eyebrows. Women with natural dense eye brows, can use the gel right away and just Chose between the three colors: light brown, dark brown & dark anthrazite grey.