Radiantly beautiful skin even with a mask

The mask has become an integral part of our everyday life. The skin is stressed by the constant rubbing and moisture under the mask. Impurities and irritations can occur. We have summarized all the tips and tricks on how you can have beautiful skin even in the COVID19 time.

1. The right cleaning

The correct cleansing of the skin is more important than ever, especially in the current situation.
But it should be tailored to the skin type. If your skin is rather oily, choose the Micellar Water from végétalié or the cleansing oil Dermal Oil Cleanser from ARCELMED, which removes all make-up, creams and skin lipids without leaving any residue without drying out.

Dermal Oil Cleanser

Since the skin under the mask sweats more than usual, a facial toner that is alcohol-free, such as ARCELMED Dermal Tonic Spray or lotion aux herbes, should definitely be used.

lotion aux herbes

In case of oily skin, it is recommended to intensively cleanse the oily parts of the skin 2 to 3 times per week. The lotion désincrustante only removes excess oil, clarifies the skin, prevents the formation of blackheads and optimally prepares the skin for the following moisturizing products.

lotion désincrustant

For dry skin, it is recommended to use a gentle cleansing milk and then also the micelle water – nettoyant doux micellaire – from the végétalié line.

nettoyant doux micellaire

2. The care

If the skin reacts sensitively with small spots, you can apply the crème clarifiante locally to the affected areas in the evening.

crème clarifiante

Light emulsions that are quickly absorbed and do not refat, creams that stabilize the skin’s acid mantle and masks that soothe the skin are the order of the day. These include the Dermal ProBalance Cream, sérum hyaluronique and masque hyaluron.

Dermal ProBalance Cream

Avoid everything that irritates or dries out the skin, this includes peeling or cleaning products containing alcohol.

3. The make up

Use the tinted day cream crème de jour teintée from caviar, the BB cream from renovar or mineral powder instead of make-up, because this blocks the pores.

creme de jour nuit Tagespflege Nachtpflege  1109 BB creme magique #227_mineral_powder_make-up

5. A few tips at the end

When wearing the mask, make sure that it does not sit too tight and rub. Clean the mask regularly.

Use your hands as seldom as possible on the face. Less is more. Allow your skin to rest and have time to recover.

Put more emphasis on an expressive eye make-up.
A transparent, loose powder is suitable for matting, e.g. Fixing Powder.