Rosy times in winter

The new seasonal treatment

Tightens tired, pale winter skin – glow effects included

The new winter treatment le rituel des roses d’hiver for an immediate firming and boosting effect in the cold season ensures a stunning complexion in winter.
In the winter months the skin is often dry and rough. The Lifting Treatment with the winter rose extract Rosalia gives your skin a luxury pampering program: a pale, uneven complexion gains new freshness with a natural glow effect.

Spoil yourself!

The care products of the seasonal treatment provide immediate and boosting effects: After the treatment your skin immediately appears more youthful. The scent of winter rose relaxes and gives you the feeling of being a queen.

This is what your skin gets!

The new winter treatment prepares the skin for festive occasions. The skin appears firmer, smoother, clear and shines youthfully with the perfect glow. The skin gets a maximum of care and attention.
Skin stress caused by dry heating air or wind is reduced. The skin’s overall appearance can thus improve. A pale, uneven complexion gains new freshness and scores with a natural glow effect, which will convince you when you look in the mirror after the treatment.