Salut Soleil

JEAN D’ARCEL Spring/Summer 2021 Make-up Edition

Here comes the sun: “Salut Soleil” translates as “Hello Sun” – and that’s exactly what the make-up collection of the same name conjures up on our faces this spring! From delicate morning blush to the radiant golden yellow of the midday sun to the warm orange tones of the sunset, it’s all here. The entire color palette of a perfect summer day, captured in Blush, Eye Shadow, Lipstick and Co.

The trend colors for spring and summer 2021 will make you radiate

The three Lip Colors conjure up a great kissable mouth in summer. “Lingering Peach” briings a hint of peach and a delicate shimmer to the lips, “Rosy Sunset” is a classic rosewood shade that suits every skin type, and “Sunset Kiss” sets the scene for the lips with a sensual berry shade.

For those who want a little less color on their lips, we recommend the new lip gloss in the color “Shiny Kiss”. This lip gloss conjures up just a hint of color on the lips. The softly shimmering rosewood tone intensifies the natural lip color.

Eyebrows will continue to play a central role in 2021, providing the perfect frame not only for eye makeup, but for the entire face. The “Eye Brow Pencil” is ideal for a natural but expressive look. It defines the shape and fills in any gaps, and the integrated brush is then used to blend the color and shape the hairs. “Coffee” goes well with lighter and warmer hair colors, “Taupe” is ideal for darker and ashy brows.

No chance for winter pallor! The velvety, long-lasting powder blush combines three perfectly coordinated shades that immediately provide freshness and emphasize and model facial contours. The three shades from peach to terracotta can be used individually or combined and are suitable for a wide variety of effects – whether it’s just a natural hint of color on the cheeks, a sun-kissed complexion or an intense look.

The Eyeshadows conjure up a summery look around the eyes, as if kissed by the sun.  “Golden Glow” is an intense, shimmering gold that makes every eye color shine. The matte terracotta shade “Orange Shine” emphasizes the eyes in a natural way and is an ideal base for more elaborate looks. Both colors can also be perfectly combined.