MIRATENSE represents JEAN D’ARCEL Cosmétique’s latest status of development with a specific objective: avoiding skin “burn-out”. An even more intensive care lifting effect to reduce wrinkles and lines goes hand in hand with protection of the skin from harmful environmental influences. Together, optimal lifting success to combat the signs of premature skin aging and a global detoxification effect with anti-radical formula result in LIFT DETOX.

The new active ingredient system

The innovative winning team consisting of Pro-Sirt 1 and the R4-Detox-Complex not only protects the skin from harmful environmental influences but also revitalizes it so intensively that its individual beauty is revived. All MIRATENSE LIFT DETOX care products combine cell “longevity” with the detoxification component. This innovative technology acts like a “fountain of youth” which slows down the aging process so that your skin looks youthful for longer!