The new MIRATENSE LIFT DETOX products with multi-aging effect

The perfect interplay of innovative active ingredients of the latest generation

Who doesn’t sometimes dream of simply erasing the signs of time? Not only stop the clock, but maybe even turn it back? The MIRATENSE line focuses on two key effects – LIFT and DETOX.

Detox effect: Natural detoxification process of skin cells is supported, because detoxification of cells is elementary for their life and vitality. At the same time, it protects against further harmful external influences.
Lift effect: highly innovative active ingredients of plant origin with Botox®-like effect. These are able to temporarily relax superficial facial muscles, reducing expression lines and preventing new ones.

A perfect combination of innovative active ingredients of the latest generation.

The new main lead active ingredient – Centella Asiatica Reversa

Centella Asiatica Reversa, is obtained from the stems of the plant Centella Asiatica, which is also known under the name of tiger grass. In traditional Chinese as well as Ayurvedic medicine, Centella Asiatica has always been valued for its longevity and regenerative, anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

Centella Asiatica Reversa has been shown in active ingredient tests to be a true ‘fountain of youth’ for human fibroblasts. Additional highly effective antioxidants and detox active ingredients can help to additionally protect the skin from metabolic waste products and rid it of them. What initially happens invisibly at the cellular level also expresses itself clearly visibly after a short time in the form of improved firmness and elasticity of the skin. These two factors, in turn, have a direct influence on the development – or, in the case of improvement, the reduction – of wrinkles.

Turn back time – the new treatment “la méthode MIRATENSE deluxe”.

The new treatment “la méthode MIRATENSE deluxe” combines the most modern, highly effective active ingredients with traditional Far Eastern elements. The result is a luxury treatment that not only provides a radiant, rejuvenated complexion, but also holistic deep relaxation. The soothing Gua Sha massage with a jade stone, which has its origins in traditional Chinese medicine, relieves tension in the facial muscles and stimulates blood circulation and lymphfluss. Together with the detoxifying and firming high-end Pflege products, it achieves clearly visible results:
Toned facial contours, plump, smooth skin and an incredible glow.

The new MIRATENSE LIFT DETOX products are: