“Vitalize Your Skin” – Ampoules

The cold season is a real challenge for our skin: it has poorer blood circulation and forms fewer protective lipids. In addition, heating air strongly dries out the skin, which thus quickly becomes flaky and cracked. Additional care to strengthen the skin barrier from within and to support the skin’s own defenses is therefore particularly important.

With the new 7-day active ingredient cure from JEAN D’ARCEL, the skin is revitalized from the inside out and thus appears tightened, repaired and optimally moisturized from the outside. Selected, coordinated active ingredient concentrates such as caviar extract and sea spring water provide the optimal minerals and trace elements at the beginning of the cure to restore lost energy and vitality to the skin. Thanks to Super Booster with a high hyaluronic acid content, the skin is optimally supplied with moisture and appears as if it has been plumped up.  Skin elasticity and firmness are improved and the complexion appears youthfully smooth. A soothing active ingredient concentrate with aloe vera as well as an anti-stress active ingredient alleviate redness and the skin appears more resistant, strengthened and regenerated. Exclusively included in this treatment is the concentré soothing and the concentré moisture. These two active ingredient concentrates are available exclusively in the cabin.