winter magic


For perfectly cared and protected skin!

JEAN D’ARCEL is starting the cold time of the year with an effective treatment consisting of precious oils
Golden winter luxury based on exceptional plant oils caresses the skin and provides magical feel-good moments!
The golden drop symbolizes the power of the select oils: they refine skin drop by drop!
Show your customers that the cold time of the year cannot harm them – quite the opposite: perfected skin in
particular proves to be well protected. Dry air and stress caused by heating, fluctuating temperatures, big temperature differences, cold wind shake resistance to the core, irritate the natural balance and leave behind their marks.

The WINTER MAGIC program actively counteracts these tendencies: The impressive effects of high-tech cosmetic active ingredients are combined with the care of precious natural oils in the new seasonal treatment for the fall and winter.

Gold is pure magic

The finest of all colors, velvety gold, represents the effect of the oils used, immerses the salon in a light that flatters the skin and provides a feeling of illuminating wellbeing during the dark months.
The oils support the treatment right from the start: in the foot spa, foot mask and during the massage. In the face mask they are one of the main care ingredients, release their typical aromatic fragrance and feel
simply wonderful on the skin. Associations with gold are evoked in your customer with every single step of this winter treatment. Gold stands for warmth, abundance and richness – qualities that make winter more beautiful for your customers, provide deep relaxation and an effective pampering experience.

Beneft for skin

The winter treatment is a valuable contribution to delaying natural skin
aging for as long as possible. Small wrinkles and lines are reduced – the
skin overall has a relaxed glow and impresses with its youthful looking
complexion. Thanks to this treatment in perfectly coordinated phases, skin
looks perfectly cared for despite the tough winter.


The WINTER MAGIC products

The treatment is an effective combination of new and existing, tested products.

vénusté bonheur du bain/harmony cream bath
This moisturizing, non-foaming formula with avocado, macadamia nut,
almond, olive and sesame oils is ideal as a relaxing welcome foot spa.
démaquillant lotion désincrustante/exfoliating tonic
This foaming, soap-free deep cleanser with witch hazel and orange
blossom water removes any excess grease by turning it into liquid. This
significantly increases the skin’s ability to absorb the care products

multibalance concentré biphase radiance cellulaire
cellular radiance concentrate
Concentrate of active ingredients with iris isoflavones to protect the
collagen and elastin fibers and generally improve the skin’s surface.
Successfully defends against free radicals, restores tired and dull skin to
its natural elasticity and glow.

NEW: masque pour les pieds au beurre de karité/sheabutter foot mask
Ready-to-use foot masks with the beneficial aromatic effect of
rosemary, lavender, thyme and star anise. The wonderfully relaxing
feel-good properties are combined with nourishing oils and moisturizers
like royal jelly and urea. Mint, balm and eucalyptus provide freshness.

NEW: huile de massage visage/luxury face oil
Nourishing face oil with skin-related unsaturated fatty acids like omega 3 from rose hip and peach stones for dry, rough and sometimes even cracked skin. Anti-oxidative protection thanks to apple
seed extract and vitamin C. The combination of velvety soft plant oils like
jojoba and almond oil boost the skin’s natural balance and reward the
complexion with an energized look.

NEW and part of the Christmas promotion:
masque relaxant/relax beauty mask
Pampering mask with great relaxation factor. All the senses relax thanks
to the fresh fragrance. Skin can react ideally to the marine collagen
it contains resulting in a firming effect. The skin smoothing effect is
additionally boosted by plant-based squalane and jojoba oil.